In the 1930's when miners and fishermen needed tough, waterproof outerwear to survive a day's work, Kaufman Canada supplied them with industrial strength protection. Now, over 70 years later, miners, and the marine and forest industries still depend on our gear. Although Kaufman Canada no longer exists, Black Diamond Waterproof Clothing Limited purchased the clothing division from Kaufman Canada. We also acquired all the rubber formulas and construction techniques used in making all the garments from Kaufman. All of our current staff are former Kaufman employees.

Black Diamond Waterproof Clothing Ltd. supplies a wide range of Zephron neoprene clothing and accessories; from aprons and sleeves for work in food processing plants, to specially made full-body protective suits that protect cleanup crews in nuclear power plants. Years of accumulated knowledge and craftsmanship are built into every piece of Zephron clothing. Join the generations of workers that have come to rely on our tough outerwear for serious protection.