Fluid Film® 3300 Powerful Rust and Corrosion Protectant - 333 g

936989 MFG #: 3300
$24.85 / EA
Non-toxic, Fluid Film thixotrophic long lasting, penetrant, lubricant and corrosion preventive Unique molecular action derived from wool wax (Lanolin), provides positive protection Long lasting, economical, will not dry out or evaporate May be applied over rust where it penetrates to base metal, bathing the surface with state of the art corrosion inhibitors, preventing further rust Contains no solvent Loosens those impossible to remove nuts Conveyors, bearings, rollers, gears, slides, hinges, chairs, pulleys, winches, pipes, threads, joint sprockets, channels, levers, molds, springs, hitches, wood, pumps, locks, valves, fittings, studs, latches and any metal parts requiring lubrication and protection from rust